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Welcome to Ukuleles AZ

Welcome to Ukuleles AZ!

Our goal is to provide ukulele specific infomation and resources to help you better understand and love your ukulele!

We detail the differences bewteen various ukulele body styles and brands on our Ukuleles page.

The various types of sheet music available to help you learn to playor expand your repertoire as well as links to view specific books are availble on our Books page.

Looking to improve your playing? Join in on a Jam Night at The Music Store, or get personalized feedback at a one on one ukulele lesson.

Last but not least, most ukulele players are passionate about the uke because of how fun they are to play! Check out our Uke Fun page for videos, apps, and other fun ukulele stuff.


We are here for you! If you have any questions about content presented on this site, or have more specific questions about anything ukulele, please email us at

What's New?

Lanikai has created an innovative ukulele that achieves a 90% improvement on intonation! Check out the below videos of the TunaUke featured at the 2012 NAMM show.

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